Kubota 7 kW Portable Generator, Electric Start, Quiet Operation, Tier 4 Final- GL7000 USA 7000 Watt Lowboy II Series Industrial Diesel Generator (CARB)


Kubota GL Series generators are made to deliver reliable power with a durable, convenient design – plus a wealth of features that maximize usability and enhance your peace of mind.

Operator Friendly Design- The one-point lifting eye makes GL Series generators easy to transport, as well as the option to lift the generator from the bottom.

Low Noise Level- Slower-speed fan, built-in muffler & reduced air intake sound produce an operating noise level of 66 dB

Compact Design- Designed to have the lowest-possible height while using vertical diesel engines to deliver impressive power output.

Low Emissions- Fully compliant with EPA Tier 4 final emission regulations.

Easy One-Side Maintenance- All maintenance can be performed from a single, large access panel on the generator.